Interview Advice

This is a general overview of what you need to know about the interview process so make sure you prepare well.  Remember, forewarned is forearmed!

Before the Interview
  • Do your research – view the Company’s website to get an overall idea about the type of company they are and to find general background information.  It gives you an insight to the way the company works and remember, they may ask you what you know about them so it gives you an edge if you have prepared
  • Look up house prices in the local area – should you consider relocating
  • Make sure you look presentable – Have your best suit dry-cleaned and even simple things like making sure your nails and shoes are clean, or have a hair cut.  It’s the small things that make the big difference
  • Prepare a list of questions to take with you – It will make you appear prepared for the interview, and that you have serious intentions towards the company.  Take them with you in a smart folder, with a print off page of their website (if they have one).  It is usual practice to have at least 15 questions prepared in relation to career prospects, what projects you’ll be working on, how many are there in the team, who you can present any ideas to, etc

Don’t forget, you are interviewing them as well as the other way round.  Ask them what they can offer you as a prospective employee!!

During the Interview
  • Create a good first impression – Look them in the eye and greet them with a firm handshake.  When you sit down, choose a seat opposite your interviewer so you’re always facing them.  Remain eye contact throughout and try to sit up straight, don’t slouch although do try to relax
  • Be confident – Try to be clear and concise in your answers.  If you don’t know the answer to one of their questions, don’t bluff them with an unprepared answer.  This way they can’t catch you out by questioning you further.  Just be honest, and ask them to re-phrase the question, or just advise you don’t know
  • Do not discuss money – Should they ask you your salary expectations, refer them to us.  We would have already discussed your requirements with them before your interview so they will have a good idea.  Should you discuss it, then it may restrict us from trying to negotiate a higher rate on your behalf
  • Show them you have prepared – When they ask you if you have any questions, open your folder and ask them your questions that they haven’t answered for you already.  Ask them if it is ok for you to make notes in case you forget the answers later.  Don’t forget to take a pen as well!
  • Be Ready – Be ready to discuss your current role and previous roles and what the main areas of responsibility were in these positions. Imagine you were the interviewer and what you would ask the interviewee.  Be prepared for questions they may ask you, like ‘why do you want to work for us?’ and ‘what strengths could you bring to the team?’
  • Do not leave them with any doubt in their mind – Should you decide during the course of the interview that this is the job for you, then tell your interviewer before you leave that you would be very happy to work for them should they offer you the position.  Give them a date you have in mind that you could start, bearing in mind what notice you have to give to your current company.  This way, when they come to making their decision, they already know that you would accept and when you could start.
After the Interview
  • Give us a call! – Don’t stop outside for a cigarette break, or to loosen your top collar button – your interviewer could be looking out the window!  It is important for you to call us as soon as possible, because we need your feedback to report back to the Client.  We will then call you back to give you their thoughts.

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